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Marshall Security Training Academy & Range is a licensed training facility providing BSIS ( Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ) approved and certified training courses for the professional security officer. All of our courses meet or exceed the requirements of BSIS. All Marshall Security Training Academy & Range courses and instructors are approved and licensed by B.S.I.S and P.O.S.T Police academy trained. Enrollment in any course, other than Basic Officer Training, requires completion of the Basic Officer Training Course first or possession of a current B.S.I.S Security Officer License.
BSIS requires 8 hours of " Powers to Arrest" training prior to registering a new Security Officer for a Security Officer License, 16 more hours of training are required within 30 days of registration and 16 additional hours within 6 months of registration, for total of 40 hours. The Marshall Security Services training courses meet these requirements and are approved and certified by BSIS. The courses cover the powers to arrest, basic requirements, responsibilities, duties and limitations pertaining to security officers, personal and civil liabilities, ethics, relationships with law enforcement, observing and reporting, legal responsibilities, search and seizure, private person arrests, use of force and many other aspects of the Security Officer's roles.
The Marshall Security Services annual Recurrent Training Courses, approved and certified by BSIS meet the BSIS annual recurrent training requirements for Security Officers.
This course per BSIS covers the basic laws, rules, regulations and techniques of conducting a search for weapons ( frisk ), making an arrest and handcuffing a suspect.
This P.O.S.T. approved and certified course per 12403.5 PC covers the carrying and usage of pepper spray and other non-lethal chemical agents. Classroom and practical training are provided including live demonstration and firing.
This BSIS approved and certified course covers the safe, handling, carriage and use of firearms and meets the requirements to carry a handgun. Classroom training and range training are provided. The course is designed to accommodate a range of experience levels, from beginner to advanced shooter. Students may qualify in any one or all of the following calibers; .38/.357, .40, .45. 9mm
-Training Academy-
Marshall Security Training Academy & Range has set the standard for realistic use of force and firearms training. Our Courses delivers safe, effective and true-to-life training for security and public safety personnel and agencies throughout the Southern California area. All the basics will culminate, from stance, verbal commands, and tactics in realistic scenarios!

 Our Staff has certification in the following:
 *BSIS (California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ) Certified Firearms Instructor
 *BSIS (California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ) Certified Baton Instructor
 *BSIS Licensed Security Guard
 *BSIS Firearms Permit
 *Certified Physical Security Officer (IFPO)
 *Certified Close Protection Agent (IFPO)
 *NRA Certified Instructor - Pistol, Range Officer.
 *OC Pepper Spray Certified Instructor
 *American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor
 *Certified Martial Arts Instructor (Taekwondo - Hapkido ) For Executive protection.
 *Report Writing
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