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Evening Classes 


Interior of Marshall Academy Range where all shooting happens
Marshall Academy & Range class study
Interior of Marshall Academy & Range classroom
Marshall  Training  Academy & Range is now offering  evening  classes  to  provide  a  more  convenient  alternative  to  traditional  training  academies. 

Training offered Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm Sunday By Appointment​


California Guard Card License ( Powers to Arrest )

Pepper Spray ( OC )  / Chemical Agents


NRA basic Pistol Certification

Baton Certification ( PR - 24, Straight, Expandable )

Exposed Firearms Permit

American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Certifications

* Loss Prevention Agent Certification


Personal Firearm Training Lessons

* CCW Certifications

* Report Writing Lessons

* School Security SB 1626 ED. CODE 38001.5 Certification

Taser x/26 Certification​

* Handcuffing Certification

* Live scan On Sight For Employment

* FFL Firearm Sales

* FSC Firearm Safety Certification

* Officer Survival Course


* USCCA Certification



 *Marshall Security Training Academy & Range is a Drug Free environment and an equal opportunity employer* 


Marshall Training Academy & Range knows it is hard to renew your certifications after normal business hours. Our Academy is open late so you don't need to take a day off or even use one of your days off to deal with permits & certifications. Come to the only Academy in City of Compton dedicated to catering to the officers of our unique profession.   

 security officers training at the shooting range
Handcuffing drill with partner
One of intructors teaching a baton course
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